Somebody Creative offers a FREE SEO AUDIT AND EVALUATION of your website. The online SEO tool we use crawls your website completely, checking it for errors and potential optimizations. The resulting report you receive (generally, within 2 minutes or less) will define key areas of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that affect how your website is perceived by search engines like Bing and Google. There are various performance and structure tests completed to give a full picture of the status of your site including mobile responsiveness and page loading speed.

How Does SEO Impact My Business?
The real answer is: if you’re not ranking well on search engines, it’s not impacting your business. You’re leaving 3.5 billion opportunities on the table every single day (okay, okay … maybe not that many, but it’s a lot!).

If you are ranking “higher” on search engines, the impact could be tremendous. You could be generating hundreds to tens of thousands of additional visitors to your website each month. If your site is good at converting traffic into leads, you could have a considerable amount of more leads each month. This is exactly how SEO impacts your business. The SEO effect is huge and could be even bigger for your bottom line.


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